Working Father’s Perspective: Lucia’s Garden

From an early age I have tried to inspire an interest in gardening within my children. Both Antonio and Lucia have always enjoyed helping daddy “dig in the dirt” each spring as I plant my annual vegetable garden and later walking through the garden to pick their favorite veggies as they become ripe. The sun-ripened cherry tomatoes and crisp sugar snap peas are favorites. This year both kids wanted to have their “own” garden plots.

Antonio decided he wanted to plant something that he could sell and make money. After a little research he decided to use his own money from his piggybank to buy some seeds for this project. He accompanied me to Lowes in early April and purchased a packet of watermelon seeds. Afterwards we prepared a spot together in the front yard and he planted all the seeds in one five foot in diameter circular patch.

Lucia decided she wanted to grow sugar snap peas and “beautiful flowers” so I allowed her to use one of the 4 foot by 8 foot raised garden beds where we usually plant flowers. Back in April Lucia went through my box of seeds and selected several varieties of flowers and one packet of peas. She then helped me clear out the grass and weeds from the bed and plant the seeds.

Antonio’s patch of watermelons is doing well and we probably have 10 watermelon vines spreading out in different directions. It will be a challenge to mow around that ever expanding patch of ground but, if Antonio keeps watering this garden throughout the hot summer, he will likely have a bumper crop and may even be able to sell some of his watermelon to make some money.

Jen and I have had to help Lucia keep up with the weeding for her garden plot but, the peas are ready to start picking. None of the flowers have bloomed yet and truthfully it is difficult for me to know what is a weed and what is a “flower” because Lucia mixed together several packets of various flower seeds before she sprinkled them throughout her garden.

I’m sure we will get some flowers from her garden eventually. In the meantime, she is eager each day to harvest her own snack right from her garden and eat them right on the spot.

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