Working Father’s Perspective: Abundant Raspberries

Summer is now officially here and that means there is an ever increasing amount of work to do around the Mendez homestead. All the effort we put in back in 2014 to establish a “food forest” is beginning to pay off and that means a corresponding increase in “harvesting” work.

First and foremost is the raspberries. The 15 raspberry canes I plated in the spring of 2014 have multiplied to over 100 now. They include three types of red raspberry, two types of yellow/golden raspberry and one variety of black raspberry. I chose various types of raspberries not only to have a variety of colors and tastes but also because the different types ripen at different times. This way I have some raspberries from late spring all the way to mid-fall.

With the bulk of the raspberries coming ripe in the summer the kids have been asked to go out each day and pick the ones that are ripe (that they can reach). Antonio often does this task in the morning when he goes out to let the chickens out to free range. The chickens now follow him over to the berry patch and walk behind him hoping to catch any raspberries that Antonio throws to the ground (those that are overripe or have pests). Unfortunately, the chickens also often help themselves to any low hanging berries that they can pluck from the canes themselves.

… Antonio has also learned that he can’t set his bucket down on the ground or the chickens will rush over and eat all the berries he has picked.  🙂

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