2017 Park Quest #4 – Rocky Gap State Park

We have done our fourth Maryland Park Quest – Rocky Gap State Park – with one of our friends who has thus far made every other Park Quest with us. We have enjoyed doing these quests this year and in the past, but it is extra special when friends join us for the adventure.

Brought back by popular demand, this quest combined a variety of land and water tasks to take a holistic look at the park’s natural resources, cultural history and recreational opportunities. Our adventure began via canoe on Lake Habeeb on a windy day and with only one adult per canoe trying to paddle with children 6 and under it was an interesting challenge!

We had to paddle to two different bouys to find the letters on each, as well as dock our canoe and explore the White Pine forest, Lakeside Loop Trail and even aspects of high intensity interval training after finding the amiptheatre.

Shelly and I learned how to easily identify a White Pine… not sure the kids really cared about this little tidbit that I found interesting. Have you ever looked at the clusters of pines needles on a White Pine? Want to guess how many are in a bundle? (Hint: How many letters are in the word ‘white’?)

After collecting all the letters (five in total) to unscramble and solve the riddle, we ended with a dip in the lake and ice cream. What was the riddle? “What must you have to become strong and healthy and what park managers must have to improve the health and quality of our natural resources?” Mum’s the word unless you do the quest. 🙂

Another great Park Quest day!

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