2017 Park Quest #1 – Tuckahoe State Park

Our family and friends did our first Park Quest of the year – “Wild Arts” at Tuckahoe State Park (#ParkQuest17). Our favorite nature art was not a Park Quest station, but one the kids came up with on their own – making and testing out boat designs and then playing pirates shooting cannon balls at the boats until they sunk!

My daughter’s other favorite art activity that she came up with was creating natural musical instruments like this bell:

Although we had a fantastic time making up our own nature art activities, doing some of the stations like playing with the nature loom, and simply having fun with nature (while “befriending” many, many ticks), many of the stations set up at Tuckahoe were disappointing this year as the materials were not available to do the art activities. Since this is the first week of the quest, I wouldn’t have expected this issue.

For example, one station prompted us to check off colors on a color wheel that we could find in nature, but the dry erase marker didn’t work. At another station we were supposed to stack rocks to make a sculpture on top of a large boulder, but we couldn’t find any smaller rocks around to stack. Yet another station was supposed to be an opportunity to braid or twist vines together using a pile of often invasive vines like English Ivy, but the “pile” of vines referenced was no where to be found nor was there a patch of ivy to harvest ourselves. Besides, the station sign let people know that park permission was needed to pull or harvest.

This quest itself was a dud, but the kids made it their own and co-created an amazing and memorable experience.

We are looking forward to many more quests throughout the summer!

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